Find the Elf!

Didn't we already do this?! Yea we did! Now were doing it again! Find the Elf and get 20% off your entire order! You must tap or click on the elf for the discount to take effect. Valid on any number of items, whether it is 1 sticker or a larger order like 5 stickers, 3 shirts and 3 hats! Stock up and get your holiday shopping done with StickyRooster today!

Offer not valid on custom items, or past purchases. Valid starting 12/1/23 and ending on 12/4/23 at 11:59pm MST. Only valid if you click or Tap on the Elf. The promo code will automatically be added to your cart. You will see the discounted prices in your shopping cart, not on the product page.

If for any reason you can NOT find the Elf, send us a message on Facebook or Instagram @ StickyRoosterBrand and we will tell you the promo code!