About Us

Who we are

At StickyRooster, we specialize in custom t-shirts, decals and stickers AND novelty t-shirts, decals and stickers.  Every one of our designs is designed by us.  We may not have 5000 designs (yet!), but we don’t have a service that feeds us designs that every other website has.  We only use high quality shirts, vinyl, and inks so you wont get a t-shirt that will fall apart in a week, or a sticker that will fall off in 5 days.

How did you get started?

Well, we started out with decals.  We have a background in web and graphic design, so we decided decals would be a fun venture.  Then, the demand for printed stickers and shirts came, so we decided to broaden our products, and that leaves us with the StickyRooster you know and love today.

What is a Sticky Rooster?!?

Well, I was trying to think of a good business name and couldn’t think of anything.  My wife is the one who came up with the StickyRooster name because my nickname is Rooster and stickers are sticky…hence StickyRooster!  It’s a funny name that people remember and it literally describes what we do.